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If you are an orthodontic patient please use our www.orthoshop.co.uk website, We are unable to honour any orders placed by members of the public on this website

News & Events

Ortho-Care @ the BOC

Ortho-Care @ the BOC

Ortho-Care will be exhibiting at the British Orthodontic Conference in Manchester on 14 - 16th September 2017.

Please drop by and visit our stand.
New Digital Printer

New Digital Printer

As Ortho-Care maintains its market innovation commitment to developing solutions that deliver high quality, cost-effective solutions, the company proudly announces the launch of the brand new digital printer.

This state-of-the-art printer will enable us to expand the range of products we can custom print for our customers, so they can promote their practice name and details in their area.

The printer offers superior quality print, ensuring high quality printing and top level productivity with ultra-accurate ink droplet placement, in full colour print and UV light exposed, for instant drying.