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Please note we will be closed for the Christmas Holidays From 12:30 22nd December 2017, then returning 8:30am 2nd January 2018.
If you are an orthodontic patient please use our www.orthoshop.co.uk website, We are unable to honour any orders placed by members of the public on this website

Deluxe Interproximal Reduction (IPR) Kit

Deluxe Interproximal Reduction (IPR) Kit

Order No: 9001-5DKIT

This complete set includes both an engine driven e-type contra angle reciprocating handpiece and manual hand instrument, together with 12 stripping files, giving you complete control of interproximal stripping in tight spaces.

Kit comes with 12 enamel stripping heads in different grits including a contact point saw file.

The manual instrument file can be angled in different positions to make access easier.

All the files included in the kit may be re-ordered in packs of 5.
There are two each of the following included in the kit:

Re-Order (pk5) Size Grain Thickness Function
9001-5D15HD 15HD 15m 0.14mm Final Polishing
9001-5D25HD 25HD 25m 0.17mm Smoothing
9001-5D40HD 40HD 40m 0.19mm Contouring
9001-5D60HD 60HD 60m 0.28mm Enamel Reduction in Tight Spaces
9001-5D90HD 90HD 90m 0.38mm Bulk Enamel Reduction
9001-5D007 007 0.07mm Contact Point Saw File


Price: 349.95 (Excluding VAT at 20%)