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Please note we will be closed for the Christmas Holidays From 12:30 22nd December 2017, then returning 8:30am 2nd January 2018.
If you are an orthodontic patient please use our www.orthoshop.co.uk website, We are unable to honour any orders placed by members of the public on this website

Bicuspid Bands

Bicuspid Bands

Bicuspid Bands

* Fully contoured allowing a ‘snap-on’ fit
* Fully proportioned affording a gradual increase in width and thickness as size increases and providing greater coverage
* Accurately contoured gingival anatomy reduces overhang and avoids impingement on gingival
* Etched permanent identification
* A choice of 32 sizes ensures a close fit with minimal adaptation


Kit contains selection of 100 bands of popular sizes plain or prewelded

Bicuspid bands with Roth brackets 7500-401
Bicuspid bands with MBT brackets 7500-402
Plain bicuspid bands without brackets 7500-400

All bands can be prewelded with the attachment of your choice - please specify when ordering - see below.

There is no charge for prewelding, but all pre-welded bands are strictly non-returnable.

Kit contents based on popular sizes (shaded areas)

Kit contents based on popular sizes (shaded areas)
MBT (NB for lower 1st and 2nd bicuspids, equal quantities of left and right will be supplied)

See Buttons below for buccal tube options.

To discuss your specific requirements, please ring us on 0044 (0)1274 533233